Commercial Electrician & Conveyor Automation
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Industrial Automation Specialists

CES Electrical provides turnkey design engineer solutions for all industries across the board with a long history particularly in retail, automotive and industrial processing.

Based in the UK, CES has been involved in controls and electrical solution projects around the world including France, Japan, Canada & Sweden.

Through a combination of extensive engineering and production capabilities, CES Electrical are able to provide top of the line electrical solutions that deliver based on your specified requirements and needs.

We enjoy long-term customer relationships by ensuring quality of service again and again. We’ve worked for many years with large companies within car manufacturing, utilities, online retail stores and general manufacturing & industrial areas.

Our Services

Providing high quality, cost effective integrated solutions to all industries.
CES Manufacture and design a range of control panels to customer specification.
Large to small electrical installations operating within the industrial & commercial industry.
Providing a fully comprehensive range of data cabling services.

Our specialist areas include:

Automated Controls for Conveyor Systems

Switchgear and Panel Manufacturing

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Installations

Testing and Inspection

PLC Support

Specification Design

Voice and Data

Maintenance and Energy Management

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